Feld EntertainmentCharacter Concepts


I conceptualized and wrote Monster Jam truck characters for branding, marketing, and licensing purposes, some of which coordinated with NewBright RC toy campaigns. Copy included “creature” character creative as well as historical factoids.

Grave Digger
Across the creeping tendrils of green mist, across the sweeping graveyard and towering haunted house, a specter did travel. When the full moon peers through the clouds on a windy night, when a cool breeze whistles through the branches of an old oak tree, they say one can hear a spine-chilling laugh. This spirit haunts these grounds — a ghoul biding his time until he is beckoned. When the fans of Monster Jam® howl with excitement, Grim traverses the glowing, green mist, bolting past the tombstones and past the screeching window shutters of the looming abode of the dead. He seeks out the fans. He seeks out the pulse-pounding action and adrenaline-fueled power that is Monster Jam.

Some say it shouldn’t exist. Others say it couldn’t exist. But it does. Locked away and forgotten on an abandoned wing of a top-secret research facility, the gargantuan robot known as Max-DTM activated. This metal tower of terror punched through the confines of its holding cell and battered through the doors and snaking tunnels where it was contained. It pummeled its way to the surface from the deepest, darkest depths of imprisonment. Some tried to halt its onslaught of maximum destruction, but they failed. Max-D will not be stopped. Max-D cannot be stopped. No matter how dirty, gnarled or cracked its armor plating becomes, this mechanical monstrosity barrels forward. Summoned by the heart-racing excitement of the fans, this ultimate powerhouse of devastation is propelled to its call — Monster Jam®

El Toro Loco
There’s an old legend they tell out West. It’s a legend of a bull, a bull so big it can’t be believed. And this bull, they say, is mad. It’s crazy. When the ground quakes and the winds roll through, thundering with the sounds of Monster Jam® from some distant stadium, this enormous bovine, El Toro Loco®, doesn’t hide from the call. It lowers its head and paws the earth — once, twice, three times. Then, it charges. With hooves clattering against the dirt and nostrils flaring, the beasts charges into only the most exciting of challenges. It bucks the air with its horns and shows its strength, empowered by high-octane-fueled energy of Monster Jam fans. No man, no beast, no track, nor any force of nature can tame it. Some have tried. None have ever roped the wild El Toro Loco.

Two eyes flutter open in a pulpy pair of eye sockets. A trail of drool snakes down the side of a gaping mouth. A crow pecks at a lump of meat nearby, but a half-decayed hand flaps the bird away. ZombieTM can’t afford to lose another finger. Zombie can’t let another body part succumb to the hunger of others, not while that very same hunger gnaws in the pit of his stomach. It’s always there, this never-ending craving. It drives him forward. It compels him to climb to his feet, to lift his battered husk upright and resist the disadvantages of death that threaten to rot his body to pieces. Ultimately, it’s what brings Zombie to Monster Jam®.

The competition feeds him, churning the juices inside of his stomach. Each event gives Zombie a dream-like peacefulness, but the thrill of the sport only lasts so long. Eventually, the hunger will return. Eventually, Zombie will need to feed once more, and when that happens, there’s only one event that can satisfy the craving.

Dog Pack
For years, fan favorite Monster Mutt® brought his “pawful” antics to Monster Jam® events across the world, raising the RUFF of the doghouse all on his own. This floppy-eared fellow was such a delight to audiences young and old, the demand was too much for one pup to handle. In 2007, every Monster Jam® fan’s best friend gained a sibling, and the Monster Mutt dog pack was born.
With the addition of Monster Mutt® Dalmatian, what once was a solo Monster Jam truck pounding paw to dirt was now part of a greater mutt family. The cute, the cuddly, the lovable and the zany were taking over, wagging tails and turning heads. The canines were multiplying too, adding Monster Mutt® Rottweiler in 2011 and Monster Mutt® Junkyard Dog in 2015.
Each mutt came with its own distinctive personality, from friendly and cute to fearsome and roughed up, and they’re not afraid to exhibit their unique attitudes at every event. They lick, bite, claw and maul as a crew, as a pack of hounds looking to tear up each Monster Jam track and make it their own. Though only two members of the Monster Mutt family have ever made it to Monster Jam World Finals®, with the way the dog pack is growing, it won’t be long before World Finals becomes a mutts-only affair.

Monster Mutt
It’s hard to beat the determination of a dog on the hunt, so when Monster Mutt® gets a whiff of victory, there’s no slowing it down. Monster Mutt is a working dog not afraid to get dirty as it bounds across the Monster Jam® track. It comes to every event with teeth bared and engine growling, raring to take a bite out of the winner’s circle. This beloved Monster Jam competitor also arrives sporting floppy ears and irreverently lolling tongue, a reminder that this rollicking canine loves performing every jump and wheelie just as much as its audience loves watching it perform. Make no mistake, though — Monster Mutt is one of the big dogs of Monster Jam, and its bite is just as bad as its bark.

Since its introduction to the world of Monster Jam in 2003, Monster Mutt has proven itself as a fierce contender and as a fan favorite. After chasing down victories at individual events and attending every Monster Jam World Finals® event since its introduction, it earned top dog honors as the Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion in 2010. Additionally, its early popularity with audiences saw the Monster Mutt team expand rapidly and made Monster Mutt one of the most recognizable Monster Jam trucks to date.

Monster Mutt Dalmatian
Monster Mutt® Dalmatian houses the energy of a sugar-high puppy inside its immense Monster Jam® truck body. With endless joy and enthusiasm, this playful pooch tears across the arena to seek out greater thrills and elicit bigger cheers. Its wild, toothy grin and wagging ears and tail show audiences that even in the fiercest events it’s happier on the track than a dog with a t-bone steak. But being fun-loving doesn’t stop this spotted competitor from being a serious threat, especially when it would much rather fetch victories than thrown sticks. Audiences love watching this canine doing what it loves and loving what it does, making this dog a fan’s best friend.

Monster Mutt Dalmatian arrived in 2007 as the first new addition to the Monster Mutt® team. It started out as a simple repainting of a Monster Mutt body, but its 2016 redesign gives this dog its own look, complete with a crazily enthusiastic grin. Its collar, realized fully in the recent redesign of the Monster Mutt team, sports diamonds befitting the purebred Dalmatian. However, even though it’s a Dalmatian by breed, Monster Mutt Dalmatian is a mutt at heart, and it will rumble through the dirt in pursuit of victory just as eagerly as any member of the team.